Bad Faith Podcast with Briahna Joy Gray: What People Get WRONG about Drugs + Addiction
Bad Faith Podcast
After months and weeks of listeners to the Bad Faith Podcast with Briahna Joy Gray requesting that the clean-cut host invite Dr. Carl Hart, Ph.D. on to the show, we can now present this transatlantic face-to-face, as Dr. Hart travels timezones to offer Ms. Gray a rational approach for dismantling the irrational beliefs society has instilled in us, in order to liberate ourselves, our discourse, and those who are being harmed by societal fear and misplaced punishment, in the name of protection.

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Dubbed “America’s only podcast,” for many this is true, as host Briahna Joy Gray often sets the bar too high for what to expect out of an interviewer. Hats off to the former National Press Secretary for the Bernie Sanders Campaign for stepping out of her element to consider some important aspects of the world of drugs, and how our treatment of the topic continues to shape so many minds, behaviors, and lives.


This episode of Bad Faith was produced by Armand Aviram.

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