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Winner of the Prestigious 2014 PEN E.O. Award for literary science writing

“The lifetime of research that is the foundation for High Price stretches from the streets of Miami’s hood to the labs of Columbia University. In drawing on such a broad range of resources, neuroscientist Carl Hart demonstrates how personal experience and scientific study can inform and validate each other for a deeper understanding of human behavior and addiction. Dr. Hart’s unflinching view of his past, along with his rigorous academic inquiry, make for a document of innovative thinking and profound humanity. Written with clarity, honesty, and courage, High Price offers a compelling argument to reconsider this country’s policies on drug use, which have proved so ineffective not only from a legal standpoint, but from medical and social perspectives as well.”


Kirkus Reviews

“A hard-hitting attack on current drug policy by …a neuroscientist who grew up on the streets of one of Miami’s toughest neighborhoods …An eye-opening, absorbing, complex story of scientific achievement in the face of overwhelming odds.”

Huffington Post

“It’s not every day you read a book that blows the lid off everything you’ve ever been taught about drugs, but Dr. Carl Hart’s recent work, High Price, does just that.”